405 Main Street, Daytona Beach, Florida
405 Main Street, Daytona Beach, Florida
405 Main Street, Daytona Beach, Florida
405 Main Street, Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Main Street Property

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405 Building $595,000
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for additional 7 lots

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506 Main St. $290,000
(Short Parcel # 5304-08-00-0040)




The property offered here is all about location. We are speaking of approximately an acre of property fronting Man Street, located in the core area of the tourist district, between the Halifax River and the Atlantic Ocean, in the seaside resort town of Daytona Beach, Florida, affectionately known as “The World’s Most Famous Beach”. Located in a redevelopment zone dubbed the “E- Zone” by the City, short for entertainment zone, It lies 5 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.  And that’s for starters. Over the course of 25 years we have assembled a total of 8 parcels that now make one property of about an acre. The city owns a 9th parcel adjacent to these and would be made available to a buyer if so desired. All buildings have been cleared with the exception of two.  The 405 Main Street building is a 2 story, 5300 sq. foot building used for our retail showroom plus another rental store. Our jewelry shop and our offices are upstairs.  Adjacent to it are the 407 & 409 lots on Main St that are covered with pavers. Vendors set up here during events The pavers go as far back as the 405 building is deep about 80’. Total Main St frontage is about 80’.

The areas huge multi-level parking garage is two blocks away. The Ocean Center is Daytona’s crown jewel convention and major concert venue with a brand new $80 million dollar 100,000 sq. ft. addition and upgrade, putting it in the number 5 position on the list of Florida’s largest convention centers. It come s with the highest media and communications technology available today. It also has the distinction of being the only one across the street from the Atlantic Ocean and can accommodate multiple conventions and meetings at the same time. The Daytona Beach Hilton is on the ocean right across street.  The Peabody Auditorium right next door to the Ocean Center plays host to smaller concerts and theatrical performances throughout the year. Next to the Hilton, 3 blocks from this property, is the Ocean Walk complex and Band Shell. Right on the beach, the Ocean Walk is the home of a Stadium Seating, 10 screen, AMC Cinema complex plus a number of great restaurants bars, cafes and retail shops. The famous Band Shell is an outdoor, on the Beach concert venue built many decades ago that has kept its Old Florida historical coquina stone architectural construction. The Daytona Beach Boardwalk, with its huge Ferris Wheel and amusements, connects all the Beach attractions to the famous Daytona Beach Pier which is at the end of Main Street. The Pier has is home to “Joe’s Crab Shack” a national seafood chain restaurant .

Everything mentioned to this point is less than a 5 minute walk from the property. This is a unique and attractive piece of real estate. But the following makes it an even more unique value:

Daytona Bike Week

For 75 years Daytona Beach has hosted the “World’s Largest Motorcycle Rally” known as “Daytona Bike Week”. With perfect riding weather in March, the Daytona International Speedway Bike Races, the drive on beach, the Events and quality of the Event itself, plus the presence of every motorcycle manufacturer and aftermarket company in the industry, has made this the International motorcycle mecca. 500,000 visitors from all over the world attend this 10 day event every year.  It spreads over the whole county. Ground zero where it all started and is the heart and soul of the event is, you guessed it, Main Street.  That’s why we relocated here 26 years ago.

The event is the beginning of the riding season and then in October to mark the end of the riding season for most of the country, we have the fall classic, “Biketoberfest”. This is a four day motorcycle event. The event draws about 200,000. The City of Daytona Beach recognizes the value of these events and has invested in the success of them. Estimates of revenue into the community just for the March event alone runs about $300-$350 million dollars. These numbers are unmatched anywhere in America.

Municipalities across the country have tried to imitate our success and have gained valuable information from Daytona Beach. But we are on a different level than all others.  

Presently the double lot paved court yard on Main St next to our main building is rented to vendors during each event.  We provide an awning system for the yard complete with electrical hookups and lighting. Inside the building is a store that is also rented for the events. Our jewelry showroom is in that building as well.

The location of this property makes it a very attractive investment opportunity. Across the street and in plain view of the Ocean Center and Peabody, it could be home to an Express Hotel. If you have business in the motorcycle industry the options are too many to mention here. On Main St Daytona Beach, you’re in the thick of it.

The sleeping giant is awakening. The days of this area being underused is fast approaching. It has taken years and many hundreds of millions of dollars by others to assemble the key pieces to this puzzle. An investment now in this core area guarantees a place here for the future. 

Final Thoughts….

We’re back to Location. But isn’t that what it’s all about?  We began with our geographically location, now let’s look at the map. We are less than two hours from the state line. Two major Interstates, I 95 & I 4 put us in Jacksonville to the north and Orlando and Tampa to the west in a short drive. I 4 connects Orlando area residents, the many towns along I 4 and Orlando’s tourist trade to our beautiful beach. Travel from Daytona is made all the more convenient with our beautiful International Airport. Visitors from all over the world arrive here in what is a jewel among airports. Daytona Beach has a promising and exciting future. It’s underway now. Become part of it.  

These are our neighbors and attractions within a 3 to 5 block ,5 minute walk:

The Atlantic Ocean….… Halifax River…….Ocean Center…….Peabody Auditorium…….Ocean Walk Complex…….Band Shell ……..The Daytona Beach Pier………The Boardwalk…….The Daytona Hilton, Daytona Lagoon Water Park…… Multi-Level Parking Garage…….Surface Level Parking Lot.

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List of Properties:

Address                   Structure if any             Short ID Parcel # for County of Volusia

1.     405 Main St.                 2 story 5300 sq. ft.                    5304-03-19-0131   

2.     407-409 Main St.         Brick Paved lot                          5304-03-19-0130

3.     11 N. Hollywood          2 story garage/land cleared   5304-03-19-0100

4.     13 N. Hollywood          cleared                                       5304-03-19-0090

5.     17 N. Hollywood          cleared                                       5304-03-19-0080

6.     21 N. Hollywood          cleared                                       5304-03-19-0070

7.     25 N. Hollywood          cleared                                       5304-03-19-0060

The City of Daytona Beach owns the lot next to #25 and will be made available if desired. That parcel number is: 5304-03-19-0050

Property Data:

Current Zoning: RDB-2, stores on Main St ground level.

                                      RDB-8, Public or private entertainment and mixed use.     

Permitted uses RDB-2: Business services, parking lots, personal services, residential above ground floor, restaurant A1 & A2, retail sales & services.

Conditional Uses: RDB-8: Mixed uses, including permitted and conditional uses, and including restaurant, and retail sales, entertainment centers.

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